Backyard Kids Camps Locations

Bow Meadows, Bow Ridge, and Jumping Pound - 9am-noon, Crawford Park (different from last year)
East End - 9am-noon, Centennial Park - William St. and Pope Ave
Fireside - 9am-noon, at the traffic circle playground
Glenbow - 9am-noon, Terry Fox Memorial Park (different from last year)
Gleneagles - 9am-noon, Fenton Park
Heartland - 9am-noon, the park at Paint Horse Drive
Heritage Hills - 9am-noon, at the playground at the corner of Heritage Heights and Heritage Blvd. (different from last year)
Riversong - 9am-noon, at the park located at River Heights Green and River Heights Cresc.
Full - Sunset Ridge - (Sunset's camp is full.  Please choose one of our other sites for your children to attend.) 9am-noon, at the Sunset Circle Playground
West Valley - 9am-noon, at Samuel Spicer Park
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