Camper Information

Rainout Information

Rainout inforamation will be posted by 8am each morning on the home page of our website and on Backyard Kids Camps Facebook page. We will send an email as well. Important: Please pick kids up early from camp if it begins to thunder/lightning while kids are in the parks. 

Dressed for the Weather

Be sure that kids are dressed for the weather. Send a hat and a hoodie if needed. Also, you may want to apply sunscreen and bug spray before each day begins.

Camp Photos

Approved photographers will be taking pictures during the week. Also, photos of individuals or small groups of children might be used for a slide show that will be shown in our churches during live-streamed worship services. Pictures may also be used to promote this camp in the future.  If you have questions or do not want your child's picture taken, please let us know.

Bring your own Snacks

Kids will need to bring their own snacks and water bottles each day.

This Summer's Service Project:
Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre

Kids can bring coins throughout the week. Thank you for helping us support this special organization in our community. 
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